About Us


GCEMGs planting the Pottery Park Rain Garden.

Goodhue County Extension Master Gardeners are enthusiastic volunteers that provide the public with research-based information on a wide range of horticultural topics.

Goodhue County Extension Master Gardeners speak to community groups on many gardening subjects including rain gardens, gardening for fall color, pruning trees, attracting hummingbirds, planting ground covers and no till gardening. [Click here for a complete list of program topics that GCEMGs are available to present].

We do a variety of other volunteer activities including helping to design and maintain a large rain garden at Pottery Park in Red Wing, MN.  Without a rain garden, the rain water would have traveled through the parking lot picking up salt, antifreeze and other contaminants from automobiles and then drained directly into a storm sewer and then the river system. Instead, the rain garden captures the rain water and the plant roots filter out the impurities before the water percolates into our groundwater.


The Colvill Discovery Garden

Other public gardens that the Goodhue County Extension Master Gardeners have helped to design, plant and maintain are a Pocket Garden green space where there had been a parking lot in downtown Red Wing, the gardens at Bay Point Park, the gardens at the Sheldon Theatre and the Discovery Garden at Colvill Park.


At the community garden in Red Wing, a GCEMG demonstrates many different gardening methods including no-till and straw bale gardening, hugelkultur, container and square foot gardening.

GCEMGs are also working with the MN Dept of Agriculture to help identify problem areas invaded by Oriental bittersweet in Goodhue County and then hopefully finding a way to eradicate this terrible invasive before it does more damage to our woodlands.

Each year the Red Wing Arts Association holds a tour of local gardens to raise funds for their group and there are Master Gardeners at each tour stop to answer gardening questions from the public. Master Gardeners also have booths and answer gardening questions at the Red Wing and Wanamingo Farmer’s Markets, the Earth Day Celebration, local garden centers and a plant sale to benefit the garden club.


A GCEMG answers questions at the Farmers Market

If you have a lawn or garden question, we also have a dedicated Voicemail line at 651-385-3096. Just leave a message and an Extension Master Gardener will call you back shortly with an answer to your gardening question.


And those are just a few of the volunteer activities that the Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners do in Goodhue County!


Join us!

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Not a master but love to play in the dirt. Looking for a local group with similar interests.I would love to learn more.

    • Do you live near Red Wing Julie? You should consider becoming a Master Gardener or joining the Goodhue County Horticulture Society. There are also volunteers that help tend the Discovery Garden af Coville Park in Red Wing.

  2. I love the Covil park garden! I could look for hours, if I wasn’t interrupted my my daughter wanting me to play. I am in no way a master gardener but have started gaining knowledge and there’s always room to grow! Please let me know if you still meet up anywhere I live in Red Wing. Thank You, Emmy

    • That is great Emily! The Discovery Garden really is a great place for families. Your timing is perfect as we are accepting applications for Goodhue County Master Gardeners until Ocotber 1. You can fill out an application online at z.umn.edu/mgapplication and will be notified in the fall if you are selected. Gaining knowledge is part of the program as the UMN offers online and in person (not sure if in person will happen during covid) training. Master Gardeners work together and volunteer on community projects – including the Discovery Garden! INTERESTED?

      Send your email to goodhuemgs@gmail.com and we can exchange phone numbers if you’d like to talk or have more questions.

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