Podcast – Winter Sowing

In this podcast Goodhue County Extension Master Gardeners give tips on how to do winter sowing. Winter sowing is a method of starting transplants outdoors in milk jugs when the weather is still below freezing.

Find more info and a step-by-step video showing you how to prepare the milk jugs, etc. on the website of GCEMG Terry L. Yockey.

4 thoughts on “Podcast – Winter Sowing”

  1. When you use the top of the jug as a cloche, make a hole in the top of the handle and place a stick through the handle and into the soil to hold it rather than using a brick as suggested on the podcast.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I am winter sowing up in Canada for the first time in zone 3 🙂 I’ve prepare my jugs in a manner suggested by Robert Palvis of Garden Fundamentals…cutting the circumference of the jugs completely. The top fits snuggly over the bottom and have them tucked agains a pony wall in the garden to mitigate the wind. Time will tell if this works well or not. I have numbered both the tops and bottoms and kept a list of the correlating seed names. In doing it this way I hope to keep the jugs for repeat use. Will have to see if they hold their structure or not for this. I have also included a label inside each jug…popsicle sticks, which are a very soft wood, that I have taken a small punch tool to and engraved the names of the seeds and then with a wide tip carpenter pencil have shaded over top of the engravings. Hope this works. (Have also heard from a couple of dahlia growers who over-winter tubers that permanent marker degrades BUT that plain old pencil on wood has been successful!)

    Thank you and happy winter sowing!

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