GCEMG Presentation Topics

Goodhue County Extension Master Gardeners give presentations to garden clubs and other community groups all over the area on a variety of different horticultural topics. Here is a list of the available programs:

Installing a Rain Garden
Attracting Hummingbirds
Managing Oriental Bittersweet and other Woody Invasives
No-till Gardening
Hugelkultur Gardening
Monastic Herb Gardening
Shoreland Restoration
How to Prune Trees
Making a Faerie Garden
Understanding Plant Patents
Invasive Plants
Landscaping for Birds
Organic Gardening
Purchasing and Planting the Right Tree
Planning and Building a Public Garden
The MN Extension Master Gardener Program
Establishing Ground Covers
Planting for Fragrance
Planning a Potager (Kitchen Garden)
A Visit to Public Gardens Around the World

For more information about having a Goodhue County Extension Master Gardener speak to your group, please contact Terry L. Yockey at goodhuemgs@gmail.com or call the Extension office at 651-385-3100.

A GCEMG gives a presentation on No-till Gardening to a local garden club.
A GCEMG gives a presentation on No-till Gardening to the Horticultural Society in Red Wing.

One thought on “GCEMG Presentation Topics”

  1. Hi,
    We live in Zumbrota and have a vegetable garden, many flower gardens and a nice lawn. I’m curious and anxious about learning how to maintain these areas better.

    I would love to learn the best method of revitalizing and enriching the garden soil every year to maximize our produce production. We don’t compost. We throw farm fertilizer on the garden in the fall and till it up but I don’t know if that’s the best thing to do every year. We have blight issues and would like to learn more about the best way to deal with it.

    We would like to learn if there are things we can do for the flower beds to enrich those beds every year.

    Our lawn is nice but there are areas that need help. The small front yard has a lg shade tree on it but the grass never gets thick. I’d like to learn how to get such areas more full and healthy. There appears to be different patches of grasses in the yard and I’d like to learn about how to get rid of them and try to get the lawn consistent.

    We’d be interested in local or nearby classes about such things and or good websites and books.



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